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Sparrow Law Office, P.A. is an experienced family law and criminal defense firm. We have helped countless clients in Florida State and Federal Courts across the spectrum of criminal charges and family law matters. I am Attorney Jimmie Sparrow and I know that criminal convictions can jeopardize your career, reputation, and personal and professional relationships. I have a reputation as a strong advocate for my clients and a tenacious adversary in the courtroom. At my law firm, we work tirelessly to prevent an unjust misdemeanor or felony conviction.
Sparrow Law Office, P.A. successfully represents clients affordably and efficiently to achieve their family law goals. We are here for families in crisis that need legal counsel or representation. Navigating through criminal or family court is a complicated judicial process. Hiring the right law firm can make a significant difference in achieving a favorable outcome.

Attorney Jimmie Sparrow knows All Sides of the Law

My background has given me a unique perspective and insight into Florida law and its impact on our communities. As a prior Law Enforcement Officer and Detective, I was sworn to protect and serve the community. I upheld state and federal laws, engaged in criminal and family investigations, intervened in disputes with mediation and conflict resolution, and found empathy and compassion for those I encountered.
As a former Florida Prosecutor, I played a pivotal role in the administration of criminal justice. I used critical thinking and analytical skills to seek the truth, bound within the procedural and substantive laws set forth by the State of Florida.
As an Attorney, I draw from my former experiences and I am empowered to challenge injustice at every level. I am passionate about protecting the rights of those who, according to our country’s founding laws, are innocent until proven guilty. At Sparrow Law Office, P.A., we are dedicated to preserving defendants’ rights. Often, our clients are from the most vulnerable populations in our society. We are passionate about family law, having witnessed the outcomes of destructive family relationships. We recognize their impacts on future generations.

The Practice Areas at Sparrow Law, P.A. encompass all aspects of Criminal Defense Work and Family Law, including, but not limited to:

    Central Florida’s Trusted Criminal Defense and Family Law Office

    As a solo practitioner at Sparrow Law Office, P.A., you can rest assured that I handle every facet of your case and will be the one that represents you in court. I select each case and form a relationship with my clients to provide consistency and continuity in resolving their legal issues. I believe in educating my clients about the legal process to make informed, critical decisions regarding legal options and developments that affect their interests.
    I am available to my clients whenever they need me. That means I can be contacted any day or any hour, whenever a crisis arises. I will listen to you, understand your challenges, and provide the counsel you need to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your future.

    For quality representation, call Attorney Jimmie Sparrow at Sparrow Law Office, P.A. at 351-421-9261. The office is conveniently located in Ocala, Florida. Let us discuss your legal needs and how we can obtain the best result.