Legal Representation
for Alimony in Florida

Alimony is also known as spousal support or maintenance and may be granted to either party in a divorce. It assists a lower-income spouse in making a smooth financial transition between being married and single. The subject of spousal support is controversial and often contentious when entering into a divorce as both parties are anxious about their financial security. Spousal support law is very complicated, especially in high net worth divorces with extensive marital assets.

Sparrow & Fairchild, Attorneys at Law aggressively Negotiates or Litigates Alimony Issues

Whether you are asking or being asked for monetary support, an experienced family law attorney can protect your rights. Sparrow & Fairchild, Attorneys at Law can assess your circumstances and fight for fair resolution either in negotiations or the courtroom. Attorney Jimmie Sparrow and Attorney Lee Fairchild are well equipped to represent your needs. As a former police officer, detective, and prosecutor, Attorney Sparrow has a reputation as an effective and aggressive negotiator and has a strong courtroom presence. He understands the nuances and the legal criteria in establishing, modifying, and enforcing spousal support orders. Attorney Lee Fairchild is a highly skilled family law and criminal defense attorney. As a former public defender, she has successfully negotiated favorable dispositions for countless clients and litigated over a thousand criminal defense cases. 

Multiple Types of Alimony may be awarded in Florida

The court can award one of multiple types of spousal support, depending on the unique circumstances of each case. Temporary support is ordered for a pending divorce and is subject to change when the divorce is finalized. Durational alimony affords economic assistance for a specific time while the recipient prepares for financial independence. Rehabilitative support is very similar to durational alimony, except that the request must detail a specific plan. It may include completing education or learning a skill. Permanent alimony following a dissolution of marriage is rare but appropriate under certain circumstances, such as a disabled, retired spouse or one caring for a special needs minor. Bridge-the-gap alimony is short-term spousal support that cannot exceed two years. It is indicated in cases such as pending a family home sale or other legitimate short-term needs. 

Payments of alimony are terminated upon remarriage or the death of either party. Judges grant modifications of spousal support based on a substantial change in either party’s circumstances. For court-ordered alimony payments that are willfully in arrears, a person may be charged with contempt. Offenders are subject to sanctions such as garnishment of wages, judgments against assets, and jail time. 

Factors considered by Judges when Calculating Spousal Support Payments include but are not limited to:

  • The present and future earning capacities of both spouses 
  • The ability for both parties to become financially independent 
  • Length of the marriage 
  • Debts and assets incurred during the marriage 
  • Conduct of both parties during the marriage 
  • Age and health of both parties 
  • Caregiving for minor children 

Sparrow & Fairchild, Attorneys at Law Ensures that your Interests are Protected

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your options for court-ordered alimony in a divorce. We are also knowledgeable about the process of modification and enforcement issues. If you feel your alimony payments are not meeting your needs or if payments are in arrears, we can help. 

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